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Qi~ssageWhat is Qi~ssage?

Qi~ssage is a fabulous and powerful technique that combines the energy principles of Qigong with the art of Massage, which is why it’s called Qi~ssage. Developed by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin who envisions “a world without pain and a healer in every home”. This combination of Eastern Chinese Energy Medicine and Western Massage is a magical and healing experience.

How Qi~ssage works

There are 12 major energy channels in your body discovered by Traditional Chinese Medicine called meridians. These meridian channels have hundreds of points along them called acupuncture points. Each of these points affects the balance and flow of your body’s energy and function.

There are a couple dozen of these important acupuncture points that are vitally important in helping you heal and maintain your optimal health and wellness. Qi~ssage addresses each important point by massaging them (acupressure) and directing Qigong energy in a very specific order along your body from head to toe. This is done gently with the practitioner’s hands and fingers to stimulate the points.

Qi~ssage like qigong, can help you direct the transformation of your body’s healing energy for the better and remove blockages.

How does Qi~ssage feel?

A Qi~ssage treatment is done is a sitting position fully clothed. You are relaxed, and as you experience your channels opening and balancing, many experience pain relief, deep relaxation and your body’s vitality waking up. Qi~ssage continues to work hours after the treatment as your healing intelligence of your body directs the energy where it is needed.

Qi~ssage is a key to optimal health
Keeping your energy channels open and your energy flowing smoothly is the key to optimal health, wellness, healing and longevity. Qi~ssage can help you keep your healing energy flowing and prevent energy blockages that lead to pain and disease. Regular treatment is your key to energy balance and wellness.
Qi~ssage is safe for adults and children. Dr. Cormier has over 30 years of experience as a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist and knows how to safely apply these healing Qi~ssage techniques.

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