Meridian Balancing

Healing happens when energy flows freely through

your meridian system

  • Balance your meridian fields & organs
  • Release stored unwanted negative emotions with Emotional Release Technique(ERT)
  • Remove interference of cognitive dissonance (stink’in think’in)
  • Support health, well-being and healing at all levels
  • Remove any  blockages and open meridian flow of energy

Meridian Balancing with 12 Ressonate essential oil blends and Emotional Release Technique (ERT) is a profound modality to release stored unwanted negative emotional information that is keeping your body out of balance and causing illness.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is an Art and Science of the body that has been around for over 5000 years and its applications still ring true today.  Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners know that everything is energy. All disease or imbalance starts with energy and if not resolved at this emotional energetic level will find it’s expression eventually in the physical body.  For example, anger affects your liver, fear affects your kidney, anxiety the stomach and worry affects the pancreas.

Using Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) your practitioner can tap into your body’s higher intelligence and find your dissonant pattern, in what meridian it lies, in what related organ, and release the interference!  After balancing meridians, your body will attune to it’s natural resonance and balance if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and conscious emotional life.  Applied Kinesiology is a laser targeted tool practitioners use to find out what your body is wanting to work on, and in what priority. The innate intelligence of your body knows what is blocked, and what needs to be balanced so healing Qi energy can flow again to maintain health. Everyone has Qi (energy) patterns in the body, our goal is to remove blockages, release emotional patterns and open the meridians for well-being. Like all healing, it may take time, there may be layers of imbalance and dissonance.  Healing is a journey, which opens many doors of awareness.

As human beings we experience a whole realm of emotions, all are good and have their purpose and place.  How we feel, how we think, what pictures we put in our mind affects every cell in our body, every moment of every day. Science tells us that each cell has a brain, the brain is the membrane of every cell. Since organs are made up of many cells, each organ has a collective mind.  When we are excessive or stuck in an emotion, this is where inappropriate information begins to affect organ function and ultimately your health. Having balance with emotions helps keep your meridians unblocked and flowing for optimal health.


Yes, you may go home with homework to assist your balance, you become an active participant in your healing and maintenance.




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