Medical Qigong

What is Qigong 

Qi means “Energy”.
Gong means “the work of”.

Qigong is the practice of working with energy. Qigong is an ancient Chinese study of the power of Qi in the body and the universe; and how to use this power to benefit all aspects of our lives and wellness.

Everything is Energy! Qi is a form of intelligence, a form of life force which determines ones health and many other influences on your well-being. Life force energy is all around us, and influences us every day even if you are unaware of it -it exists. The practice of Qigong has energetic, emotional and spiritual perspectives.  Founded in Chinese Traditional Medicine, aspects of Qigong follow the 5 element theory from ancient times, yet only now Qigong is being understood by the scientific community on its healing properties through Quantum Physics.

Modern lifestyles and stressors contribute to an imbalance in our energy systems. For example, when you don’t have enough movements above your head, you don’t have enough qi energy to flow and stimulate in the gland and lymph systems. The result of this is we have blockages in these systems which create illnesses. Modern times require qigong movements.

Dr. Cormier has studied, practiced and trained in Qigong since 2008. She can detect your imbalances or blockages in your system and help you remove these blockages and restore proper energy function. An energetic scan of your body quickly discerns where your issues lie and with specific directing of your energy to flow properly throughout your meridian and vortex systems, proper function can be restored.  Dr. Cormier often uses Qigong to assist acupuncture treatments and restore flow of energy channels in your body. For example, a blockage in your spinal segment can cause pain or block function to the organ system innervated by the segment. Removing an energetic blockage can bring health back to the needed area. Another example, a blockage in your liver can affect your detoxification ability and emotional state, clearing that blockage can assist your health and calm your anger. The applications of Qigong are endless.

Receiving a Qigong treatment is very relaxing, done is a sitting or lying position while the practitioner directs energy with their hands at various places on your body in specific ways. Qigong is often incorporated with traditional Chinese medicine philosophy which may include acupuncture, 5 Element theory (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) herbs and lifestyle practices. Your Qigong practitioner will be able to direct you in a specific way to assist your health.

Who can benefit from Qigong?

Everybody. It’s safe for all ages, even babies and pregnant women.

What conditions can Qigong help?

Everything.  Where energy is stuck, body function will be compromised or you will feel pain. Your body will signal to you that a problem exists with symptoms or pain, Qigong can help resolve  the issue.  Anything from a sore tooth, back pain, headaches, vertigo or diabetes can be helped, and more. You will find nagging health issues will clear up with regular Qigong work as your body gets healthier and stronger. Qigong energy balancing treatments can be used preventatively to keep you healthy.

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