Magnetic Pulse Therapy


Low frequency Pulsating Magnetic Fields are designed to help the body regenerate its cells and help speed up the normal healing process. This is a safe (CSA approved) painless, drugless modality designed to work on soft tissue as well as bone damage conditions. Our aim is to help make our pain suffering clients more comfortable so their lives will be more enjoyable. Frequency Pulsating Magnetic Fields are designed to help the body regenerate its cells and help speed up the normal healing process.



 Helps with the following conditions and/or recovery time

  • FLU
  • Emphysema
  • Heart failure
  • Alzheimer s
  • Stress
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Chemotherapy
  • Severe Physical Exercise (lifting weights, running, boxing, etc.)
  • MS
  • Infectious disease
  • Cancer
  • Skin Conditions

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