Live Blood Cell Analysis

imageLive blood-cell analysis consists of detailed examination of live, whole blood using a specialized dark-field microscope and a small drop of blood from a finger tip.

Live blood-cell analysis requires years of specialized training. This sophisticated and effective technique differs significantly from traditional methods of analyzing blood. The doctor themselves examine the “live blood”  under the dark field microscope to evaluate the terrain (health status) of the patient., while the patient observes the display on a monitor.

According to the microscope research of Dr. Gunther Enderlein, tiny life forms called protits undergo a life cycle and can reveal much information concerning the state of one’s health. He found that the cells and organisms in human blood are capable of changing shape and function depending on cell conditions. We can detect when these regulating organisms are out of balance and find advanced growth of several types of bacteria, fungal forms etc…

When you have a live blood-cell microscopy analysis done here at the clinic, you get an immediate insight into your unique blood terrain.  It provides otherwise unknown information about nutritional deficiencies and digestive imbalances, and creates a tracking mechanism for how the internal terrain responds to external lifestyle changes suggested by your Naturopathic Doctor.

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