What to Expect at Visits

Your first appointment will last 1 1/2 hours. We will discuss your chief concerns in detail and review your completed health forms.  Relevant aspects of your lifestyle and any other issues that may be affecting your health will be evaluated.  Every new client will receive a relevant physical exam, naturopathic diagnostic testing, which may include an Applied Kinesology, Qigong and energy assessment as part of your initial intake.  This in-depth assessment allows your Naturopathic Doctor to develop a thorough understanding of your current state of health, your bodies primary stressors, level of toxicity and energy blockages and vitality. This information is vital to provide you with safe and effective care. Recommendations for relevant blood or lab work may take place. Your Naturopathic Doctor will outline to you how the many tools of Naturopathic & Energy Medicine can be used to help you reach your goals for health, recovery and wellness.

Your second visit will be approximately 30-45 minutes and will generally take place 3-4 weeks of your initial appointment.  It will consist of relevant diagnostic testing, completion of  physical exam if necessary, a review of findings and health evaluations in order to provide you with a diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.  Any relevant health history information that we did not discuss during the first visit will be reviewed at this time. Recommendations for any lab or blood testing may be made. Treatment options will be outlined and begin if they already haven’t been started.

Most follow-up visits are 30 minutes and will be used to provide you with ongoing care, to monitor your progress and address any other concerns that may arise.  Longer follow-up visits of 30-45 minutes may be required depending on the individual case. Expect that a EAV scan or Applied Kinesology Energy testing will be a part of most follow-up visits. Please make sure you inform the Doctor of  any changes in medications or new laboratory test results as they occur.

In the event that you require care for an acute concern (ie. treatment for a cold or flu, checking a child’s ear for infection, blood pressure check, urine dip stick to check for infection), we will make every effort to accommodate a same-day appointment for existing patients.

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