Anti-Aging Natural Facial Masks

facial maskWe use various all natural, non-chemical, plant and antioxidant nutrient dense creams and masks to give you an incredible youthful glow.  They are gentle even for the most sensitive skin types. These topical facial treatments are recommended on an individual basis according to your specific skins’ needs and used in combination with the above facial rejuvenation treatments. Our products work at a deep cellular level, providing nutrition and repair components to truly rejuvenate your skin.  Many chemical based anti-aging products used on the market today are only superficial in their action, and in fact harm your skin in the long run.

For more specific information on healthy non-chemical facial and personal care products, refer to Dr. Cormier-Hazen’s book “The Guide to Healthy Potions & Lotions: What the Cosmetic Companies Don’t Want You To Know”, available at our clinic.

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