EAV Electrodermal Screening

EAV is an acronym for Electroacupuncture According to Voll (Dr. Voll the developer of the technology).

Your Naturopathic Doctor is academy trained and has over 25 years of experience in using the EAV machine to assess your body’s bioenergetic balance of your meridian system.

The EAV device is utilized by testing bioelectric conductance on specific acupuncture points of the hand and foot. A probe is used to contact the corresponding acupuncture point to get a digital reading, it is painless and enjoyable. This device is also used to test various products for compatibility, and assess intolerances to various substances. EAV screening is an avenue that allows your doctor to monitor progress on your treatment plan and offer specific and individualized solutions to your health challenges. EAV screening also assists the doctor in assessing your internal  primary stressors, level of biotoxicosis, causal chains, overall function, and balance of various organ systems.  This evaluation tool can be one of many used in assessing your overall health and function. EAV provides a functional assessment of organs prior to their symptomatic dysfunction or the development of disease.

Eav can provide an accurate assessment of energy balance, health and function that would otherwise go undetected using conventional tests.

The EAV device is an electronic FDA approved device designed by Dr. Reinhold Voll is used to measures the skin’s electrical activity at designated acupuncture points (hand & foot). The Vistron Kindling device is widely used in the North Americas and in Europe for evaluation purposes and is compliant with the EN Guideline 93/42/EWG.  It combines modern metrological prerequisites for reliable evaluation with various therapeutic applications to regulate the body’s energetic meridians.


Note:  This device is being used for investigative purposes only and is not being interpreted for a conventional diagnosis, however, specifications for this deice support its use for diagnosing, treating, mitigating and preventing diseases, disorders or abnormal physical states in human beings. EAV evaluation provided by your practitioner is not a conventional diagnosis as is commonly understood in the medical system. It is a valuable evaluation of your body’s state of function and health according to your bioenergetic meridian systems and assists your Naturopathic Doctor in assessing and evaluating your current state of health and imbalances that have an impact on your wellness. EAV testing is done in conjunction with appropriate examination, medial history, conventional, functional and alternative tests to formulate an accurate evaluation of your health status. It is not a stand alone diagnostic tool.

The Vistron EAV device was a Class II Medical Device by health Canada for many years, however no longer is cleared by Health Canada in this regard since 2017. Manufacturer’s specifications are for measuring and evaluating various products, incompatibilities and electrical potential on acupuncture points associated with organ function.

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