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webwdwYour Naturopathic Doctor is trained and has extensive years of experience in Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation from the Upledger Institute. Craniosacral therapy is rooted in the understanding that the whole body is connected by fascia, and that this sheet of fascia throughout the body is intimately connected to the movement of the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system is a closed system, which produces a micro-hydraulic movement of the cranial bones, down the spinal canal to the sacrum. This rhythm oscillates approximately 12 cycles per minute. When this system is functioning properly, your body feels balanced, all muscles, tendons, bones, organs and connective tissue are receiving healthy support and signals throughout the body. When there are disruptions in the system caused by a wide variety of things (birth canal trauma, any bodily injury or trauma, electromagnetic interferences, piercings, surgical trauma, implants or scar tissue, dental fixtures, the stress of any kind, life…) your cranial system loses its rhythm and you get symptoms. Symptoms can range from headaches, sinus pressure, neck, back and joint pains, dystonia anywhere in the body and maladaptive structural alignment. How you experience symptoms to an imbalanced craniosacral system is unique to you. Your only symptom, for example, could be not thinking clearly or feeling tired.

Craniosacral Therapy uses a very gentle touch and is non-invasive in its full-body approach to healing. Using our hands, we are able to feel the craniosacral rhythm and assess how it is reflecting throughout the rest of the body to determine what we may be able to do to improve its functioning. Because the whole body and structures are covered or connected to the fascia, we can assess the rhythm and function of any organ or structure in the body. With cranial treatment, we are able to release strains throughout the body and regain function and reduce pain. Craniosacral therapy is especially useful in calming the vaso-vagal nerve ( which keeps the body in stress mode) which brings the parasympathetic nervous system back into balance from chronic stress.

How does your cranial system get out of balance?  Many factors like stress and tension, a fall, trauma, improper breathing, birth canal challenges, sleeping in a maladaptive position, repetitive movements, poor hydration, postural malalignment, surgery, dental work, braces, body piercings, sports injuries, electromagnetic or radio frequency stress of modern buildings, WiFi, cell phones, and living etc…. Many cranial stressors occur in our life time and they accumulate to cause dysfunction in our physical body. Getting your cranial system moving correctly can not only bring tremendous physical relief but emotional relief also.

From newborns to the elderly and for all sorts of pain and injury, craniosacral therapy can resolve some of the most chronic and acute health challenges with its gentle hands-on technique. Treatments are done fully clothed, lying on a treatment bed – Relaxed. We usually start at the feet and head and then go where the body directs its’ needs. Craniosacral treatments are very good for headaches, tinnitus, digestive disorders, heart function, respiratory issues, the pain of any type (injury, strains, childbirth misalignments, neck strains, stress, etc….).

Treatments usually last 60 minutes. Receiving Craniosacral therapy is very relaxing and positively pleasurable!  It’s a good re-set for life stress. You feel the differences immediately as your body regains proper fascial and cranial rhythms.

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