Code of Ethics

  • This practitioner recognizes that the primary obligation is toward the client and at all times I will practice my skills to the best of my ability for benefit to the client. The comfort, safety and welfare of the client always has priority.
  • Consultation, assessment and treatments will be carried out with the full consent of the client or guardian/parent in the case of minors.
  • Any knowledge or information gained during consultation, assessment or treatment will be confidential in accordance with the guidelines set out by my governing board of Naturopathic Medicine and will not be divulged to anyone without the client’s consent, except as required by law.
  • I will share professional information with other professional practitioners upon request of the client with written consent upon.
  • I expect that this is a mutual partnership towards health & wellness, and it is the client’s responsibility to covey any changes in medical conditions and medications, supplementation, lifestyle changes, other treatments or services and relevant information to me in order for me to be sufficiently updated and provide proper care.
  • I will not deliberately mislead or misdirect, for my own gain, a client seeking advice and professional assistance.
  • All reasonable care will be taken to ensure adequate hygiene, quality of materials, supplements, and safety of equipment used.
  • I will not attempt to treat conditions that are above my level of understanding, expertise or training and will refer clients to appropriate practitioners should this be required.
  • I reserve the right to cancel any client treatments or discontinue care at any time as I see fit to do so.
  • I will post any fee changes one month in advance of the time of change.
  • I will not share your email or phone data with any outside groups, they are collected strictly for client communication within this office and for educational purposes related to professional care.

Dawn Cormier, HBsc., ND, Qigong & Energy Practitioner

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