Biological Dental Analysis

dsajbwYour Naturopathic Doctor has extensive training in Biological Dentistry.  The health of one’s dental condition is paramount to whole body health.  Whether you have toxic mercury amalgams, root canals, abscesses, focal dental infections, cavitations or mixed metal galvanic currents etc… affecting your present state of health, your ND is trained to assess and recommend proper treatment for your condition.  We work closely with trained and certified IAOMT dentists in our area to provide you with the best comprehensive dental and whole body treatments.

Click on this link to learn more about IAOMT Dentistry, find helpful educational articles and videos to expand your knowledge of whole body dentistry and your health.

We are also specially trained in the most current heavy metal detoxification treatment protocols. If you are considering removing your present toxic mercury amalgams and require guidance and assistance to do the process correctly, we would be glad to navigate this important procedure for you in a holistic and comprehensive fashion.  We also offer mercury speciation tri- testing from Quick Silver Laboratories to assess your present toxic mercury load and sources. Visit this link to learn more about mercury toxicity,

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